Urs Baumeler

Infected with the Funk of MF and the music of bands like The Rolling Stones, AC-DC, Queen or Pink Floyd young Urs joined his brothers band and picked up the only instrument left: the Bass.

Years went into the land when Urs Baumeler played with many musicians various styles of music all over his hometown. He says:

„There aren’t probably to many restaurants, bars, clubs and even clothe stores where we didn’t perform at least once“.
Well, besides some funny places up to today I’m lucky to always find myself in a pro equipped environment and best of all, most of the time I have the chance to be on stage with musicians gifted of talent; this is awesome“.

Born 1966 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Urs Baumeler is still traveling with the bass under his arm while still playing all kind of music. So watch out, he might be near your town right now.